Automated no-code crypto trading platform.

Backtest and live trade custom automated crypto trading bots with advanced risk controls.

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Why use cleo?
Don't spend time sitting in front of the screens waiting to click the BUY button. Pre-define your best strategies to enter and exit when market conditions are just right. Review, adjust, and repeat. Automate your trading.
Easy-to-use platform made by traders for traders
Powerful trading engine with latency below 300ms
Detailed backtests on just a few clicks
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Create and backtest your trading strategy in seconds
Fully custom crypto trading bots using plain English
Replay your positions candle-by-candle
Explore our features:

Smart Trading.

Enter and exit the position automatically when the market conditions are just right. Remove your emotions and set fully flexible, adjustable, and customizable conditions for each trade you place.

55 technical indicators, including VWAP, MACD, RSI, and others

Customizable look-back periods and timeframes of every indicator

7 trading timeframes – from 1 minute to 1 day

Asset Management.

You can type or you can draw. Input your protections and targets however you want. Cleo Trading Platform features intuitive yet comprehensive order management system

Up to 4 Stop Loss and 4 Take Profit orders

No more guessing the position's Risk to Reward ratio

One-click templates available for free


Loop Auto-Trading.

Put your smart trading on autopilot. Find out what works via unlimited backtests, review detailed statistics, and live trade the best trading setups. Find out and automate your trading edge.

Create the bot with simple typing

Combine conditions, stop losses and take profits

Test on historical data

Position Replay.

Hindsight’s 20/20. Analyze and learn from your previous trades. Eliminate what-ifs, replay what happened in the position lifecycle, and find out which entry or exit condition needs improvement.

Preview your position’s statistics from beginning to end

Watch the Risk to Reward ratio evolve during the trade

See status of every entry condition before a position is opened


Connect one of the supported exchanges and start trading.

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Fulfill your trading potential with the best trading platform on the world's most powerful exchange.
Use the entire arsenal of tools available to you in Cleo Trading Platform to improve your trading results on Binance – the biggest crypto derivatives exchange out there. For FREE.
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Leverage the most innovative trading platform on the most liquid crypto futures exchange.
Trade Long / Short USDT perpetuals on for free and get up to $6,000 per month just for doing so, thanks to our cashback program!
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Access the markets anytime, anywhere

Get real-time updates for all the important events
Speedy execution of even complex ideas
Open, close or modify positions on the go
iOS and Android
Support for both major OS
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In Cleo there is nothing we take more seriously than security and that's why we keep up with the best industry standards.
Your funds stay on the exchange
Cleo does not have access to your exchange account and cannot withdraw your funds.
State-of-the art encryption
Sensitive data are encrypted with the most modern and secure 256-bit protocols.
Distributed storage
Encrypted data is split and stored on multiple systems - each with unique software and hardware requirements.
  • What can I trade with my Binance account?

    You can trade perpetual futures in USDT.
    We have no plans of adding spot or margin trading.

  • Do you support multiple take profit and stop-loss?

    Yes, both on instant trade and smart trade, you are able to set multiple stop losses and take profits with fully flexible settings such as customizing your PnL, market distance or market price.
    Trailing stop loss and take profit orders will be available in the upcoming weeks.

  • Can I connect more than one account to your platform?

    Yes, the connection of account is via API key, so you can connect more than one account by just creating new API keys and connecting them to the platform.
    Once Cleo finishes the integration to other exchanges and brokers you will be able to trade on all of them through one unified environment.

  • Do I need to deposit any money?

    No, you are not depositing anything to Cleo Trading Platform. Everything stays in your connected account and Cleo Trading Platform doesn’t have any permission to withdraw anything from your account.

  • I had a account. Can I use shut down at the end of April 2022. is a new trading platform from the same team, no migration between the two platforms was performed.

  • Do you sell signals or trading bots?

    No, we do not sell any signals, trading bots, or have paid telegram channel. We’re not here to shill you anything.
    We have some templates that you can use in your trading or customize to create something better. They are free for our users.

  • How much does it cost?

    Please see our Pricing Plans

  • I have more questions, how can I reach you?

    We will be having our own Discord community in the upcoming future. But till that time, feel free to get in touch via this email:

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Informational trading articles dedicated to market insights, how-to articles, guides, and best trading & risk management tips.
From how to connect exchange to how to open trading positions, everything you need to know about using Cleo Trading Platform in one place.

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