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Fulfill your trading potential with the best trading platform on the biggest crypto futures exchange

Use the entire arsenal of tools available to you in Cleo Trading Platform to improve your trading results on Binance – the biggest crypto derivatives exchange out there. For FREE.

Cleo features

Advanced risk management

Stay on top of your trading via our risk management tools.


Ultimate flexibility

The most effective and fully customizable trading settings.


Easy to use

Even beginners can use our professional trading tools

Binance features


Binance account has 2FA, API has only necessary permissions

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Deepest liquidity

Binance boasts $40B trading volume on an average day

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Low fees

One of the lowest fees structures in the crypto exchange market.

We know that long term profitability in crypto trading can be a challenge for independent retail traders to achieve. We want to support our traders, give you a way to develop your trading style, a space to constantly improve, and reach the reliable long-term profitability.

Binance is the exchange to trade derivates on and Cleo Trading Platform gives you the edge above other traders using it. That’s why we are offering you Cleo Trading Platform with all its features for free on Binance.


Free Cleo Trading Platfom for Binance users who:

Opened Binance account after 1st of Oct 2020
Didn’t use referral code for their Binance account

From Binance side you need to have Futures Trading enabled and you must be KYC’d to be able to generate API keys.

Learn more
  • Why do I have to match the Binance account criteria to use Cleo Trading Platform?

    We are a proud participant in Binance Broker program, where we are remunerated by Binance itself. So, you matching these criteria is the only way we can provide our trading platform to you for free.

  • How do I know funds are safe?

    First off, you never transfer any funds to us. They stay on Binance exchange; you get to trade with them through an API connection. Secondly, we do not accept accounts with withdrawal API permissions.

  • What is the advantage of trading on Binance through Cleo?

    You get to use the full suite of advanced features Cleo Trading platform has to offer. At this time there are no limits on how you can use the Cleo platform!

  • What if I don’t have an account on Binance?

    You can create your Binance in minutes and you need to create without a referral code. We recommend opening the registration page on Binance in Anonymous mode to prevent any referral code insertion via cookies. Binance Sign-up page.

  • Do I need to KYC?

    Not with us – we are technical solution provider, so we do not have that requirement. Unfortunately, Binance recently updated their permissions for API keys creation, and you will need intermediate verification for your Binance account in order to create API keys on Binance.