Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are effective from 3 April, 2022


This article introduces the company Cleo Finance Ltd. as the owner of the App and depicts in detail the defined terms being used in these Terms and Conditions.

BAcceptance of Terms

This article presents the ways how and under which conditions You will accept or not accept these Terms. It is not possible to use the Services without accepting these Terms. Therefore, we presume that once You started using the App, the Terms were accepted by You.


In this article, we are making sure that You can legally use our Services. The Services are provided only to You and not for the use or benefit of any third party.


It is important for us that all information related to Your Account are secure. This article regulates the obligation to take up measures ensuring and maintaining the security of the Account to access the Services.

EInformation in the App

Modifying the conditions of Information in the Application and their relevance. The article also describes the difference between API keys, a public and a secret key, and the necessary access to rights, and sets out how you should handle these API keys and access rights when using the Services.

FTrading strategy and Trading algorithm

This article describes the difference between the Trading Strategy you may design while using the Services and the Trading Algorithm that is created automatically by us, and sets out rights and obligations in respect of both.


If You want to use Cleo Services, You must have an Account. This article sets rules for selection of usernames and further management of Your Account.

HYour Use of the Services, Prohibited behavior

This article regulates the obligation to avoid certain activities that interferes with or disrupts the Services. The article also sets basic precautions in order to keep the information provided though Services private and confidential. Cleo reserves the right to investigate or take any legal action against anyone who violates this provision.

This article reserves the right to cooperate with third-party advertising companies to serve ads while using the App and Your consent with it while using the Services. It also sets the right to use elements of Your personal information and the right to monitor all advertisements, messages and public postings in order to check the conformity with the guidelines.

JProperty rights

This article sets Your obligation to respect all titles, legal rights or interests which subsist in the Services, including Your agreement to avoid some activities in order to abide by this provision and Your responsibility for potential damage or risk caused due to downloaded information obtained through the App or otherwise.

This article excludes the responsibility and liability for the content of any site or resources not provided by us, but by third parties.

LConnection of the App to Services provided by Third Parties

You can connect the App with Third party services, however you must observe rules as set out in this article.

MMemberships and Paid Features

This article regulates additional Services that are provided based on a subscription plan. The article also assumes Your consent that the initial price may change during the existence of the Account based on the selected upgrade or subscription plan.

NLicense from Us

This article describes the license You are granted from us for purposes of use of the Services and related rights and obligations.

OLicense from You

This article describes the license we are granted from You in relation to Your Content so we can submit, post or display Your Content in Public Profile on or through the Service.

PAvailability of Content

This article reserves the right to remove, edit, block or modify the Content from the Service at any time, any reason and without prior notice.

QThird Party Services

This article excludes our liability for the content, functions, accuracy, legality and appropriateness of the third parties websites or resources being accessed through the Services.

This article provides conditions under which You can report the suspicion of copyright infringement.

SImpersonation Infringement

This article provides conditions under which You can report the suspicion of impersonation infringement.

TModification of the Terms

Based on this article we have right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Terms at our discretion. The article sets also ways of notification and conditions of acceptance or non-acceptance of the modified Terms by You.

UTerms and Termination

The Article regulates conditions under which it is possible to terminate or suspend the access to all or a part of the Services or App.

VDisclaimer, Limitation of Liability

The article limits our liability towards You to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Also, this article sets conditions under which You are obliged to indemnify us against any liability and claims made by any third party because of You. Please read this article very carefully.

WFinal provisions

Article regulating the law of England and Wales as governing law of the subjected Terms and Conditions and depicts provisions and options for dispute resolutions by Court or competent dispute resolution body for consumer disputes.

XContact information

Should You have any questions or comments relating to the Terms, please contact us at the following e-mail address:terms@cleo.finance.