A backtester that helps me




my trading edge.

Discover new strategies, fine-tune your trading edge, and make data-driven
decisions with cleo.finance's powerful backtesting platform.

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Meet cleo.finance, the most intuitive crypto and forex backtesting platform ever built.

Crypto and Forex market dataCrypto and Forex market data
Analyze your trading setup from all angles. Access all available timeframes, even 1-minute for free.
Detailed StatisticsDetailed Statistics
Gain in-depth insights into your trading style and performance with a wide range of charts and statistics.
Trade from chartTrade from chart
Save time and eliminate the hassle of manual calculations. Our platform provides all the relevant trading information in an easy-to-read format even in chart.
Historical intraday dataHistorical intraday data
Analyze your trading setup from all angles. Access all available timeframes, even 1-minute for free.
Access from anywhere, anytimeAccess from anywhere, anytime
cleo.finance is fully web-based platform, no need to download or install anything.
Use Technical IndicatorsUse Technical Indicators
Over 50 technical indicators at your fingertips, including RSI, MACD, Moving Averages, and Stochastic, to help you analyze and optimize your trading strategy.

The ultimate technical analysis software
for traders of all levels.

New Traders

I need to find my trading edge

Start trading the right way. Develop and test a profitable trading strategy first.

Train your eyes to see patterns worth taking and save valuable time (and money) by backtesting before dipping your toes in the live market. With our intuitive platform and educational resources, you can start building your skills and confidence in no time.

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Test own or public strategies on historical data
Strategy Checklist
Strategy Checklist
Define your trading plan and stick to it
Asset Management
Asset Management
Understand all position data in a glance

Intermediate Traders

I need to sharpen my trading edge

Make data-driven decisions to speed up your journey to profitability.

You already have some experience under your belt, but still didn't manage to stay profitable for a longer period of time. That's where cleo.finance's advanced backtesting platform and smart trading capabilities can help. Analyze your past trades to refine your strategy and automate your setups with plain English commands.

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Expert Traders

I need to optimize my trading edge

Automate your process, save time and help traders around you reach profitability faster.

Maximize your potential with cleo.finance's full suite of trading platform features. Backtest new strategies and turn them into fully automated trading bots using plain English. Leverage our cashback program and earn back part of your trading fees. And if you help us spread the word, you can earn 30% with our affiliate program.

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Features for more
productive backtesting
Backtester Playback

Backtester Playback

Customizable backtest experience gives you all the flexibility and control to fine-tune your trading strategies. Change the speed of the playback, move one candle at a time, or jump between timeframes however you need!

Backtester Playback

Custom Drawing Tools

Easily draw trendlines, rectangles, measure distances, and add other custom elements to your chart. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to create accurate and precise analysis of trading setups. Plus, all drawings and indicators are saved with the backtest project, so you can seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Backtester Playback

Set multiple stops and targets

Backtest the same way you trade. With cleo.finance, you can set up to 4 take profit and 4 stop loss orders to each position. Layer your targets, set soft and hard stops, and better replicate your live trade management.

Backtester Playback

Drag & Drop Positions in Chart

Set your targets and stops by simply dragging them through the chart. You can also adjust the position volume and the percentage of the position that is closed at each protection level, either through the order panel or directly on the chart. With this intuitive feature, you'll place precise positions in seconds.

Backtester Playback

Detailed and Comprehensive Statistics

Get a complete picture of your trading performance with our advanced statistics. We don't just show your balance and PnL charts, but also provide crucial sata for making informed trading decisions. You'll see your profit factor, Sharpe and Sortino ratios, and a detailed breakdown of drawdowns. We'll also show you data on protections hit, and provide analysis of the most profitable days and times to trade. With this level of detail, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and make data-driven decisions to improve your trading strategy.

Why use cleo.finance?
Focusing on backtesting is the first step in trader's journey to profitability. Cleo.finance also offers live trading and automated trading on OKX and Binance exchanges for when you've finished your backtest.
Easy-to-use platform made by traders for traders
Powerful trading engine with latency below 300ms
Detailed backtests on just a few clicks
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Create and backtest your trading strategy in seconds
Fully custom crypto trading bots using plain English
Replay your positions candle-by-candle
Live Trading Security
In Cleo there is nothing we take more seriously than security and that's why we keep up with the best industry standards.
Your funds stay on the exchange
Cleo does not have access to your exchange account and cannot withdraw your funds.
State-of-the art encryption
Sensitive data are encrypted with the most modern and secure 256-bit protocols.
Distributed storage
Encrypted data is split and stored on multiple systems - each with unique software and hardware requirements.
  • What can I trade with my Binance or OKX account?

    You can trade perpetual futures in USDT.
    We have no plans of adding spot or margin trading.

  • Can I live trade on more than one account through cleo.finance?

    Yes, the connection of account is via API key, so you can connect more than one account by just creating new API keys and connecting them to the platform.
    Once Cleo finishes the integration to other exchanges and brokers you will be able to trade on all of them through one unified environment.

  • Do you sell signals or trading bots?

    No, we do not sell any signals, trading bots, or have paid telegram channel. We're not here to shill you anything.
    We have some templates that you can use in your trading or customize to create something better. They are free for our users.

  • How much does it cost?

    Please see our Pricing Plans

  • I have more questions, how can I reach you?

    We will be having our own Discord community in the upcoming future. But till that time, feel free to get in touch via this email: support@cleo.finance

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